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Created in 2019
― 6 organisations
Coordinating organization :

In the Republic of Guinea, TLP-Guinea brings together since 15 September 2019, 6 civil society organisations, including ACORD Guinée, AVIPA (Association des Victimes, Parents et Amis du 28 Septembre 2009), Protégeons les Droits Humains (PDH) , CANEG, Forces Sociales de Guinée and Plateforme nationale des Citoyens Unis pour le Développement (PCUD).

In Guinea, Tournons La Page is engaged in the promotion of democratic alternation through the mobilization of citizens against the modification of the constitution by Alpha Condé with the sole aim of obtaining a third mandate. TLP-Guinea's actions focus on sensitising citizens, particularly on the need to preserve democratic gains through democratic alternation in power. Since October 2019, Tournons La Page Guinée has been participating in the organisation of demonstrations on public roads and squares to demand respect for the number of mandates enshrined in the Guinean constitution. In addition, TLP-Guinea, through its coordinator Ibrahima DIALLO, participated in October 2019 at the Niamey summit on the limitation of presidential mandates in Africa.