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Structuring Tournons La Page

The three-year program is a structural project supported mainly by Secours Catholique-Caritas France (SCCF) and has three main focuses:

  • Financial and technical support to our member coalitions in Africa;
  • Support for the capacity building of the movement and its members;
  • Support to the TLP international secretariat as a network leader.

This program was a success with the finalization of the transfer of responsibilities and competences between Secours Catholique-Caritas France (SCCF) and TLP's International Secretariat, henceforth an independent organization. This finalization of the transfer allowed first of all to strengthen the accounting and administrative management of the International Secretariat (improvement of the bookkeeping and consulting services on the model and economic management of the association) and of the coalitions (2 audits in 2022). The year 2022 of the three-year program has allowed for the organization of the International Secretariat in terms of human resources. At the end of 2022, the team was stabilized with 4 employees on permanent contracts, 1 international solidarity volunteer and 1 employee on fixed-term contract. The three-year program has therefore met one of its objectives, which was to strengthen the salaried team of the International Secretariat to be able to strengthen and animate the network of members. The transfer process was also the subject of a capitalization (which began in 2022 and will end in the first quarter of 2023) aimed at drawing lessons from the incubation of TLP by the SCCF for 7 years and writing together a common history of TLP. In Africa, thanks to this program, the coalitions have conducted organizational audits (Chad, Cameroon, Togo and Guinea) and have received support for associative governance (support for the organization of general assemblies in Cameroon and Togo) and for economic management (DRC and Ivory Coast). This program is a foundation for TLP as it allows for the structuring and animation of the network and acts as a lever to develop new projects.