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Our projects

In the countries where our movement is active, the winds of democracy of the 1990s have remained more or less a gentle breeze. Despite the opening up to a multi-party system, the holding of competitive elections (at least for display purposes) and, in some cases, greater freedom of expression to satisfy the demands of donors, real democracy has made little progress. Even the possibility of alternating at the top is far from certain. The separation of powers (executive, judicial, legislative, but also economic and military), a fundamental condition of democratic functioning, is hardly respected.

Through various publications, studies and field actions, Tournons La Page contributes to the expansion of civic and democratic space in Africa. By raising awareness and mobilizing the population around the issues of civic engagement and good governance through café-debates, neighborhood councils, mobile courts and democracy caravans, we ensure that civil and political rights are respected in Africa. Finally, Tournons La Page regularly documents human rights abuses and violations in order to obtain compensations and justice for the victims of authoritarian practices.