Crée en 2015
― 6 organisations
Organisation coordinatrice :

Created in 2015, Tournons La Page brings together 6 civil society organisations, including Brainforest, Club90, Dynamique unitaire, Educaf, Femme Lève-toi and ROLBG. The coordinator of TLP-Gabon, Marc ONA ESSANGUI, also founder and executive secretary of Brainforest, is the president of the international movement Tournons La Page since January 2020. In 2009, Marc ONA ESSANGUI won the Goldman Environmental Prize, the equivalent of the Nobel Prize for the defence of the environment, after having led a long struggle for greater transparency in the operation of the Belinga mine.

During the years 2015-2018, TLP-Gabon has mobilised to implement and support various activities: mobilisation of public and private sector workers, networking of Local and Sectoral Organisations working on a daily basis for the defence of human rights, capacity building of trade unionists in Gabon and promotion of human rights. TLP-Gabon also implements training and awareness-raising workshops for national opinion, press conferences and advocacy sessions addressed to decentralised authorities (Governors, locally elected Prefects, officials and agents of the defence and security forces). To defend and promote human rights, TLP-Gabon has embarked on a sensitisation and mobilisation tour in the interior of the country from May 2018 to September 2018. This tour took the form of an "Information Caravan on the Protection of Civil Society Actors in Gabon". This caravan raised the awareness of Gabonese citizens on the prevention of risks incurred by civil society actors. This tour was carried out in six provinces: Estuary (Ntoum, Kango), Woleu-Ntem, Ngounié (Fougamou, Mouila), Moyen Ogooué, Nyanga (Tchibanga, Mayumba), Ogooué-Maritime (Gamba, Port-Gentil). It enabled the implementation of peaceful mobilisation activities (General Assemblies and marches) on 13 and 28 August 2018.

In 2016, Tournons La Page and its Gabonese partners have mobilised on a daily basis to promote democratic alternation and fight against Ali Bongo's candidacy. The article below looks back on the campaign conducted in Gabon during this period as well as portraits of activists involved in the country: