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Release of the report "Chad: a hereditary repression”
Press Release  Posté le 01-03-2022 09:00, modifié le 01-03-2022 09:00 par Tournons la Page

Tournons La Page movement, the Tournons La Page Chad coalition, and the NGO Agir ensemble pour les droits humains published a report today documenting the repression by law enforcement of peaceful demonstrations for democratic change in Chad and against the hereditary transfer of power that marked the year 2021: the repression of the protests left at least 20 people dead, 152 injured, and 849 arrested.

In its report, "Chad: A hereditary repression", Tournons La Page documented through interviews with protesters, political opposition activists, doctors and witnesses of the violations committed by the forces of order (gendarmerie and police) between February 6 and October 11, 2021.

2021 was an election year in which Idriss DÉBY ITNO won a sixth consecutive term in office, before being assassinated at the front during a battle against the armed rebellion of FACT. On the same day, his son Mahamat Deby Itno, a general at the head of the General Directorate of State Security Services (DGSSIE), the regime's Praetorian Guard, took power illegally in a coup that suspended the constitution. He then set up the Military Transitional Council, which has ruled the country ever since.

These two political regimes are in perfect continuity with regard to the non-respect of fundamental rights, particularly the right to protest. The crackdown on peaceful protests has resulted in at least 20 killings, 152 injuries, and 849 arrests in just eight months. The report also documents the torture and undignified conditions of detention suffered by the arrested protesters.

Our organizations denounce the almost total closure of civic space and violations of fundamental freedoms since the Transitional Military Council came to power. Members of the TLP-Tchad coalition have not been spared by this repression and several have been arrested and subjected to degrading treatment while in detention. The perpetrators of these acts of violence have never been brought to justice.

This report should alert the international community to the perpetuation of an authoritarian regime and the confiscation by the military of any hope for democratic transition in the country. The international community must support a transition to democracy based on respect for human rights. This transition must not exceed the 18 months provided for in the Transitional Charter, which also provides for the handover of power to an elected civilian government no later than October 20, 2022.

Chad's international and regional partners must consider the harmful impact of these waves of repression and the confiscation of power by a single family for the stability and development of the country.

As an international movement for the promotion of democracy, Tournons La Page calls for solidarity between peoples and for a general mobilization so that the wishes of Chadian citizens for democratic change and stability can be fulfilled.


Download the report : https://tournonslapage.org/fr/outils-et-ressources/Rapport%20Tchad-Tournons-la-Page-web.pdf



Laurent Duarte
Executive Secretary, Tournons La Page
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Jacques Ngarassal
National Coordinator, Tournons La Page Chad
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Guillaume Guichon
Communications Officer, Agir ensemble pour lesdroits humains