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DRC: Tournons La Page expresses deep concern after endorsement of electoral commission members
Communiqué  Posté le 20-10-2021 14:16, modifié le 20-10-2021 12:53 par Tournons la Page

Tournons La Page-RDC continues to follow with sustained attention all the twists and turns of the installation of the new leading team of the Congolese electoral center.

TLP-RDC has thus followed with exasperation and deep concern at the Congolese National Assembly of 13 of the 15 members constituting the bureau and the plenary of the Independent National Electoral Commission (CENI) with Mr. Denis KADIMA KAZADI at its head.

This endorsement which developed in a climate of strong tensions within the hemicycle and protests of a good part of the political class and the civil society contains in itself the seeds of serial contestations which already emit badly the whole electoral process in progress.

TLP-DRC remains concerned about all these problems and other disputes that do not augur well for credible and peaceful elections in 2023.

While remaining committed to the government's obligation to do everything possible to meet the constitutional deadline for the organization of general elections in 2023, TLP-DRC also remains committed to the values that constitute the pedestal of a true democracy.

Thus, in view of all the above and with a view to free, democratic, transparent and peaceful elections, TLP-DRC recommends:

  1. To the President of the Republic, Head of State and guarantor of the harmonious functioning of the institutions of the Republic:
    1. To remain logical and coherent with himself by refusing to invest Mr. Denis KADIMA and his team for the same reasons that led him last July to refuse to invest the team of Mr. Ronsard MALANDA. Now that he finds himself in the same circumstances, it is only natural that the president should act in the same way and show the world that he is not engaged in any planning to torpedo the upcoming elections.
    2. To avoid any error and temptation to tailor the various institutions of the country and certain laws of the Republic with the sole aim of granting himself a re-election in 2023. Only his political record constitutes the guarantee of his re-election or his failure in 2023.

  2. To the President of the National Assembly and the national deputies:

    1. To privilege the supreme interests of the Nation instead of selfish and partisan interests;
    2. To refrain from selling at low prices and to develop the sense and culture of honor and excellence;
    3. To remember forever that tyranny has no friends and that the people have an eye on them.

  3. To the entire Congolese population:
    1. To remain vigilant and ready to stand up as one to defend the of the democracy acquired at the price of blood;
    2. To draw all the possible consequences of all the acts and decision making of the elected officials at all levels in order to make good use of its power of primary sovereign by chastising them correctly during the next elections.

Thus done in Kisangani, this October 19, 2021,
Mr. Jean Chrysostome KIJANA,
TLP-DRC Coordinator