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Niger - Election Observation Report - December 2020 General Elections
Communiqué  Posté le 18-01-2021 11:34, modifié le 18-01-2021 11:34 par Tournons la Page

In Niger, the general elections of December 27, 2020 mark the first transition between two elected presidents. This crucial vote must be exemplary so that the person who comes to power is indeed the one really wanted by the majority of Nigeriens. This is why the Observatory of the Electoral Process (OPELE), in partnership with TLP-Niger, sent 320 observers to ensure the transparency of the vote. In addition, it set up an alert number where citizens could report any irregularities they witnessed.

Throughout the day, observers traveled to polling stations in Niger's eight regions, and a technical team received and analyzed information sent by citizens through the alert number.

It emerged that the participation was particularly high among Nigerien citizens, especially women, who had gone out in large numbers to fulfill their civic rights and duties. However, multifaceted fraud and lack of materials negatively impacted the credibility, transparency and regularity of the vote and undoubtedly affected the election results.

On the basis of the report, OPELE and TLP-Niger referred the cases of fraud and the appeal of certain individuals to the courts and the High Authority for the Fight against Corruption and Related Offenses (HALCIA).

TLP-Niger joins OPELE in calling Independant Electoral Commission (CENI) to :

- Conduct training and sensitization sessions on electoral laws for its agents and populations so that all citizens in their rights can go and vote ;
- Ensure that all polling stations are equipped on time with all the necessary electoral materials for voting and counting;
- Ensure that the polling stations open and close at the times set by law;
- Ensure compliance with the health protocol for the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic by respecting the barrier measures and making available water and soap in the polling stations to protect election officials and voters;
- Call on its agents to identify and bring before the competent courts the alleged perpetrators of violations of the electoral law;
- Ensure the rigorous identification of voters upon their arrival at the polling station and ask officers to report any person trying to vote with a false voter card or a card that is not his or her own;
- Ensure public counting at the polling stations, posting the results and providing copies to political party delegates;
- Ensure the security of the entire electoral process, including personnel and materials.

In addition, TLP-Niger and OPELE call on political party officials to :

-Educate their activists and members on the respect of electoral laws, including the prohibition of election propaganda outside of the period provided for by the law;
- Train their delegates on voting procedures.

Finally, we call on the citizens of Niger to remain mobilized for this second round, to go out en masse to the polls, to protect their vote and to report any irregularities they may witness.

The coordinator

Maikoul Zodi



Download the OPELE election observation report, by clicking here.