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Launch of the Tournons La Page women leaders podcast
Podcast  Posté le 01:22 25-11-2022, modifié le 25-11-2022 11:11 par Tournons la Page

On the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, Tournons La Page launches the first podcast "No democracy without women". This podcast is an initiative of Tournons La Page to make visible the fight for democracy of its network of women leaders. Women make up almost 50% of humanity, but only 25.5% of representatives in national parliaments worldwide, as well as 5.9% of heads of state and 6.7% of heads of government. With this podcast, the women leaders of Tournons La Page wish to change the narratives and discourses on the contribution of women to democracy, in state institutions of course, but especially within civil society.

Episode 1: What risks do women activists face?

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Women activists face the same risks as their male counterparts: threats, legal harassment, state intimidation, and so on. But they also face gender-based violence (rape, femicide, acid attacks, among others), in addition to many other obstacles arising from deeply entrenched gender stereotypes. Indeed, misunderstanding and violence are found even within their intimate circles, which push them to disengagement. All of this has the objective of making the work of women activists invisible.


  • Davila OBAME : Human rights officer at Femme Lève-Toi network, activist at Tournons La Page Gabon
  • Moyra OBLITAS : Communication officer at Tournons La Page 


  • Sandrine NKURIKIYE : journalist, activist of Tournons La Page Burundi 
  • Laure MUSHOBEBWA : sociologist, activist of Nouvelle Dynamique Citoyenne and Tournons La Page RDC

Music Limitons les mandats ! (Let's limits terms!) - Collectifs d'artistes panafricains (CAP) under the framework Campagne Citoyenne pour la Limitation des Mandats (Citizens' campaign for Term Limits), coordinated by Tournons La Page
Extract - testimony of Gabriela CUEVAS : El País, Las mujeres de Atenco, ante la CIDH: “Nos han hecho sentir, repetidamente, pequeñas”  (in Spanish). 

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  • Human Rights Council, Fortieth Session : A/HRC/40/60, Status of Women Human Rights Defenders.

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The comments made in this podcast are not intended to express the position of Tournons La Page but to stimulate debate and encourage questioning. If you wish to share your reactions to these podcasts, please write to us at contact@tournonslapage.org.