No to undemocratic and violent elections in Côte d'Ivoire
Communiqué  Posté le 30-10-2020 09:33, modifié le 30-10-2020 09:33 par Tournons la Page

Since 06 August 2020, on the eve of our country's independence, the President of the Republic Mr. Alassane OUATTARA in his address to the nation has accepted the appeal of his supporters asking him to run in the presidential election of October 2020 for a third unconstitutional term.

As soon as he announced his willingness to stand as a candidate, the socio-political environment deteriorated considerably with demonstrations in several cities in the country, notably in Bonoua, Daoukro, Gagnoa, Divo and Bongouanou. The latest to date is the commune of Dabou, where we recorded the destruction of public and private property and loss of human life estimated at 16 deaths according to the government report.

The demonstrations were also disrupted by armed individuals who freely attacked the demonstrators under the passive eye of the security forces.

Moreover, the permanent restriction of civic space through the interministerial prohibition of demonstrations on the public highway by interministerial orders that prevent any dissenting voices from expressing themselves are not good indicators for the expression of democracy. These facts are not conducive to a peaceful and inclusive electoral climate.

In view of the current situation of widespread protests and the deterioration of the socio-political climate characterised, on the one hand, by the rise in muscular and violent discourse, and, on the other, by calls for civil disobedience and active boycott, which put Côte d'Ivoire at real risk of implosion.

Tournons La Page Côte d'Ivoire expresses its concern and calls on the President of the Republic to :

- The postponement of the elections;

- The withdrawal of his unconstitutional candidacy;

- The opening of the civic space by allowing the free expression of citizens and the possibility of peaceful demonstration;

- An inclusive political dialogue with all the living forces of the nation.

No to undemocratic elections and violence! Yes to a postponement of elections for peace and stability in Cote d'Ivoire!


For the TLP Côte d'Ivoire coalition,

The National Coordinator

Didier Alexandre AMANI

+225 07 68 04 43