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Chad: Civil society statement on the massacres committed by the current regime
Communiqué  Posté le 12:54 26-10-2022, modifié le 12:54 26-10-2022 par Tournons la Page

Since October 20, 2022, Chad has been experiencing a disastrous situation. A situation that reminds the Chadian people of the massacres suffered under the relentless dictatorship of the late President Hissein Habré, called Black Thursday. The Chadian people, with their bare hands, who were protesting against the extension of the transition for 24 months, with the retention of General Mahamat Idriss Deby Itno in power, were massacred by the organized forces, namely: elements of the Groupement Mobile d'Intervention de la Police (GMIP), elements of the Unité Spéciale d'Intervention de la Police (USIP), the Garde Nationale et Nomade du Tchad (GNNT), the Gendarmerie Nationale, and elements of the Direction Générale de la Sécurité, des services et Institutions de l'Etat (DGSSIE), resulting in hundreds of deaths, more than thousands of wounded, and arbitrary arrests. Even women and girls who were out in public to express their discontent were not spared by the forces of the third degree. In addition, there are people dressed in civilian clothes, in cars with smoked windows, shooting at point blank range at the demonstrators.  Young people arrested and held in extra-judicial detention continue to die from torture, thirst and hunger, but also from lack of proper care for the injured. According to corroborating sources, seven bodies were fished out of the Chari River, which borders the city of N'Djamena.

Even the classrooms of the communal and official schools of Abena in the 7th municipal district of the city of N'Djamena, places where our children learn wisdom and intelligence, have been transformed into prisons as in the days of the Documentation and Security Directorate (DDS).

Since that fateful date, people have been abducted to unknown destinations. Hundreds of detainees have been deported to prisons in Moussoro and Korotoro, but the government of Saleh Kebzabo continues to deny this information, even though several sources indicate that these detainees are indeed being taken to Moussoro and transferred to the high-security prison in Korotoro.

Civil society organizations note with sorrow and a tightness in their throats the refusal of the transitional authorities to return the bodies of those shot to be buried with dignity, even though these bodies are in a state of putrefaction. As proof of this, more than fifteen bodies are lying on the floor of the morgue of the "Tchad-Chine Hospital", formerly the Liberté Hospital. The civil society organizations, signatories of this statement, demand from the judicial authorities the immediate release of all detainees in general and the wounded in particular to benefit from care. That the summary executions and sporadic provocative shootings that traumatize children in the neighborhoods be stopped immediately.

That politicians stop using ethnic and community fibers to further divide Chadians.

These events confirm the state terrorism denounced by the organizations that signed this declaration.  They demand the publication of the list of all detainees as well as their place of detention in order to locate the families. That light be shed on all persons reported missing since October 20, 2022.


              Done at N'Djamena on October 24, 2022


The signatory organizations : 





Chadian Association for the Promotion and Defense of Human Rights (ATPDH)

DJEKOURNINGA K. Lazare, Vice-President


Association of Women for the Development and Culture of Peace in Chad (AFDCPT)

NARMADJI Céline, President


Tournons la Page Chad (TLP)

Jacques NGARASSAL, National coordinator


Public Interest Law Center (PILC)

Me Delphine KEMNELOUM DJIRAIBE, Main advocate


Citizen Movement for the Preservation of Liberty (MCPL)

Sosthène MBERNODJI, National coordinator