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Tournons La Page reiterates its position on Niger
Communiqué  Posté le 13:13 07-08-2023, modifié le 13:13 07-08-2023 par Tournons La Page

Following various reports on the situation in Niger, Tournons La Page wishes to reaffirm its position in order to remove any ambiguity. This position is clear and unchanging.

Firstly, it maintains its firm condemnation of the coup d'état carried out on July 26, 2023, which led to the suspension of the institutions of the Republic and constitutional order, and placed a military junta at the head of the State. This situation constitutes not only a serious step backwards for democracy and a real obstacle to Niger's development, but also and above all a threat to the peace and security of the country and the entire sub-region.

Secondly, TLP is pleased that, at the end of the ultimatum given to the junta, ECOWAS did not take military action against Niger. We believe that a diplomatic and peaceful option is the best way to resolve this crisis. 

This position is in the higher interest of avoiding a fratricidal war between West African countries, and in no way constitutes support for the military junta that seized power by force.

Tournons La Page therefore calls on the junta to seize the outstretched hand of ECOWAS through this new negotiating mission for a return to constitutional order that would ease tensions.

Lastly, TLP calls on ECOWAS to lift the heavy, non-targeted economic sanctions imposed in response to the coup, which are having a direct impact on the population.