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Tournons La Page Benin calls for electoral reforms to be prioritized over constitutional revision
Press Release  Posté le 13:31 09-02-2024, modifié le 13:31 09-02-2024 par Tournons La Page

Thursday, February 8, 2024, Cotonou, Benin. The Coalition Tournons La Page Bénin (TLP-Bénin) expresses its astonishment and concern at the recent decision of the Constitutional Court of Benin, DCC 001-24 of January 4, 2024, enjoining the National Assembly to amend certain provisions of the Electoral Code. While this decision raises crucial issues for the country's democratic future, our collective attention is diverted by worrying debates concerning a possible revision of Benin's Constitution.

TLP-Bénin notes with regret that no serious debate has taken place on the articles of the Electoral Code requiring adjustment, as requested by the Constitutional Court. Instead, the public arena is dominated by discussions on a possible constitutional revision, amplified by the tabling of a bill to this effect. It seems that the real challenges to be overcome to guarantee fair and transparent elections in 2026 are relegated to the background.

Faced with this worrying reality, the TLP-Benin Coalition calls on Benin's political class to refocus its priorities on the real issues at stake. The forthcoming 2026 general elections represent a crucial moment for Benin's democracy, and it is imperative that all stakeholders focus on the measures needed to ensure that they run smoothly.

TLP-Bénin recalls that the credibility of the electoral process rests on solid foundations, including a transparent and fair legal framework. It is time to put aside political squabbles and distractions to focus on the essential reforms that will guarantee the integrity and legitimacy of the democratic process in Benin.

As a coalition committed to promoting transparency, democratic governance and respect for human rights, TLP-Benin remains vigilant and mobilized to advance the interests of the Beninese people. We urge all political actors and competent institutions to assume their responsibilities and act in the best interests of the nation.

The Coalition Tournons La Page Bénin remains determined to work for a democratic, just and prosperous Benin, where every voice counts and the rights of every citizen are respected.


For further information, please contact: tlpbenin@tournonslapage.org, 951188, (+229)97598853