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Chad: Civil Society Denounces Government Control of CNDH
Communiqué  Posté le 08:32 22-04-2022, modifié le 08:32 22-04-2022 par Tournons la Page

Following the Decree No. 0898/PR/2022 of April 13, 2022 on the appointment of members of the National Commission on Human Rights (CNDH), the Chadian civil society denounces and rejects this decree tainted with irregularity. Indeed, the decree violates the law No. 028/PR/2018 of November 22, 2018 on the organization, powers and functioning of the National Commission on Human Rights and all subsequent texts, including the order No. 115/PR/MJCDH/DG/DDH/2019 on the modalities of appointment of representatives of human rights associations, corporations and bodies within the National Commission on Human Rights.

We denounce the flagrant interference of the President of the National Transitional Council in the process of appointing the commissioners, thus encroaching on the powers of the Minister of Justice in charge of human rights. Furthermore, the Decree makes no mention of corporations and bodies such as human rights associations, workers' unions, and women's organizations for the defense and promotion of women's rights, but instead cites the organizations individually.

Moreover, the person designated as an independent personality is a Municipal Councillor of the 9th district of the city of Ndjamena, whereas Article 22 of Law n°028/PR/2018 clearly states that "... the functions of the Commissioners are incompatible with the exercise of any elective mandate, ...".

We are scandalized by the fact that the National Transitional Council in charge of passing laws can blithely torpedo the law but also that the CNDH runs the risk of being downgraded from its current status by the International Coordinating Committee of National Human Rights Institutions (ICC) of the UN.

In view of all the above, we ask the President of the Transitional Military Council, President of the Republic and Head of State, to simply withdraw this decree, which was issued in violation of all the texts that organize this institution.

Done in Ndjamena, on April 20, 2022

For Tournons la Page Tchad, the coordinator: NGARASAL SAHAM Jacques ;

For the CADH, the President : MINGUE-NGAYE BOUROUMBE;