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Save the date : Major Panafrican concert for Term Limits!
Concert  Posté le 07:59 26-08-2022, modifié le 07:59 26-08-2022 par Tournons la Page

The Citizen's Campaign for Term Limits (Original name in French : Campagne Citoyenne pour la Limitation des Mandats) - coordinated by Tournons La Page - is an initiative that seeks to promote democratic change through innovative democracy and good governance awareness activities. To learn more about this campaign, please watch the video below : 

(Please enable the English subtitles before watching this introduction video.) 

This campaign will be inaugurated during a MAJOR PANAFRICAN CONCERT which will take place in Dakar (Senegal) on September 17, 2020 and which will gather 11 artists from 7 African countries: 

  • Meiway from Ivory Coast 
  • Didier Awadi from Senegal
  • Elom 20ce from Togo
  • Nourrath la Debboslam from Niger
  • Nanda from Gabon
  • Momo Kankua from Togo
  • Léman from Benin
  • Papy Kerro from the Democratic Republic of Congo
  • Amen Jah Cissé from Togo
  • Lyne des mots from Ivory Coast
  • Don Stash from Togo


For the latest information on this concert, we invite you to visit the campaign website and to follow the social networks listed below: 

Site web de la Campagne Citoyenne pour la Limitation des Mandats

@Limitation2Mandats / Facebook event : https://www.facebook.com/events/1140532223554958?ref=newsfeed 

📢 Other multimedia content from the Campaign:

⏩Conflict and power capture: what relationship? 

(Please enable the English subtitles)