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When Mohamed Bazoum consolidates civic repression!
Communiqué  Posté le 16:03 10-03-2023, modifié le 16:03 10-03-2023 par Tournons la Page

It is without surprise that the national coordination of Tournons La Page Niger was informed yesterday, Thursday, March 9, 2023, of the arrest and detention of two of its members, including Comrade Idrissa Adamou, National Coordinator of the NGO Our Common Cause (NCC) and Comrade Badja Abdou Awal, member of the MPCR.

The charge against our comrades is dissemination of data likely to disturb public order. A reason that is no less fallacious and ridiculous because it comes from the provisions of Law 2019-33 on the repression of cyber crime. The same law that President Bazoum said he had decriminalized.

Even more surprising is that everything suggests that the words and promises of the Nigerien head of state are more similar to an elusive horizon whose existence is more theoretical and illusory than practical and real.

Indeed, we still remember the promises of the President of the Republic in which he said that no citizen would be worried because of his opinions.

In addition to the arbitrary imprisonment of Comrade Abdoulaye Seydou, coordinator of the M62 movement, and Comrade Ibrahim Illiassou of the MPCR, who has been detained since February 21, 2023, two other civil society actors spent their first night in detention at the PJ for sharing data on Whatsapp.

More impressive is the speed with which the police monitor small WhatsApp groups, and that they were unable to prevent the attack on an entire police station a few miles from Niamey.

As a result of the above, the TLP-Niger National Coordination :

  • Condemns with the utmost firmness the judicial harassment against the actors of the society;
  • Gives its unconditional support to comrades Abdoulaye Seydou, Idrissa, Ibrahim Illiassou, Adamou and Badja Abdou Awal;
  • Demands their immediate and unconditional release;
  • Demands that the government open an independent investigation into the events in Makolondi, particularly the attack on the police station in that locality.

Done in Niamey on March 10, 2023

The national coordinator

Maikoul Zodi