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The deadline of April 2, 2024 for the installation of a new President in Senegal must not be exceeded.
Communiqué  Posté le 15:56 27-02-2024, modifié le 15:56 27-02-2024 par Tournons La Page

We, intellectuals from Benin and Togo, feel challenged by the political situation currently shaking Senegal. Meeting in Cotonou on Saturday February 17, we decided to take a stand on the political crisis surrounding the presidential election in this emblematic West African country.

On Saturday February 3, 2024, just hours before the start of the electoral campaign, President Macky Sall unexpectedly announced the postponement of the presidential election. During a stormy plenary session, the National Assembly passed a law postponing the ballot originally scheduled for February 25 to December 15, 2024, by 105 votes to one, after opposition deputies, who were obstructing the vote, were evacuated manu militari by the gendarmerie.

The crackdown on popular protests against this unconstitutional decision exacerbated tensions and cost the lives of several innocent citizens. At least seven journalists, including Absa Hane and Mor Amar, were brutalized, targeted, arrested or injured by the forces of law and order in the course of their work in the field. In the aftermath, numerous Senegalese and international pro-democracy and human rights organizations condemned these unfortunate events. The international citizens' movement Tournons La Page described the extension of the mandate as a constitutional coup d'état. The organization urged "President Macky Sall to reverse this politically incoherent decision, which has serious consequences for the future of stability and democracy in Senegal and the region".

The declaration by the Constitutional Council on February 15, 2024, invalidating the law postponing the election and annulling the presidential decree, is a ray of hope, given the critical situation facing this West African country. We welcome this decision by the Constitutional Council, which has put the democratic ideal back in the saddle. However, we believe that insofar as the constitutional judges have invited "the competent authorities to hold the presidential election as soon as possible", even if Macky Sall's government has said it has taken note of this decision by the Constitutional Council, there is reason to maintain pressure on the regime so that the principles of freedom confiscated for so many years are restored and Senegal regains its place as a democratic model in Africa.

That's why we're calling on everyone to be vigilant, so that a new electoral timetable can be drawn up and the election can be held in time to ensure that, in the event of a second round, the newly-elected President will take office on April 2, 2024 at the latest.

Finally, we call for the mobilization of all stakeholders and sub-regional bodies, to ensure respect for the will of the people and the full exercise of democracy in Senegal and the region. The stability and development of our nations depend on our ability to defend democratic principles and preserve the fundamental freedoms of our citizens.

  1. Claude AMEGAN, lawyer, Togo,
  2. Rodrigue AHEGO, journalist, Togo,
  3. Louis Efoé ATTIOGBE, Togo,
  4. Anthony BEKETI, neurosurgeon, Togo,
  5. Stephen LAWSON, ENT doctor, Togo,
  6. Ekoué David DOSSEH, Coordinator TLP-Togo,
  7. Kossivi EDOH-SEMEGNON, teacher, Togo,
  8. Richard TINDJO, scholar, Togo,
  9. ADELAKOUN Landry Angelo, Executive Director, Centre de Formation en Mécanismes de Protection des Droits Humains, Benin,
  10. Maître Saturnon B. AGBANI, member of the Benin Bar,
  11. Maître Charles BADOU, member of the Benin Bar,
  12. Hervé HESSOU, journalist, PVP UPMB, Benin, 
  13. Romouald DEKOUN, scholar, President of the Association "Lueur d'Espoir", Benin, 
  14. TOKPLONOU Dionis, Generalist Doctor, Benin, 
  15. Elias BEHANZIN, Coordinator TLP-Benin, 
  16. GOUDOU Brice, sociologist, scholar, President of LAD&HR, 
  17. Romuald LOGBO, Journalist, Benin, 
  18. ELEGBO Vincent, Mechanical engineer, Côte d'Ivoire, 
  19. BAH Fébron, scholar, research assistant, Benin, 
  20. AHOTON Rock, National Coordinator LEJEPAD-Benin, 
  21. BEKETI Katanga Anthony, Lecturer and researcher, Public Universities of Togo,
  22. DIOP Bassirou, Teacher and militant at Y'en a marre, Senegal.
  23. Mokhtar SECK, Chief Financial and Accounting Officer, Commission sous régionale des pêches (CSRP), Senegal,
  24. ADJAKA Codjo Alfred, President in charge of training and humanitarian action, RAMP-Benin,
  25. ATTIOGBE Louis Rodolphe, Head of Office, Novation internationale, Togo,
  26. Dr TINDJO Richard, Enseignant-Chercheur, DSA, Togo,
  27. Katakou fovi, Chargé à la mobilisation, TLP- TOGO,
  29. HOUETOHOSSOU Dèlofon Toussaint, Journalist, Benin,
  30. LAWSON Stephen Lionel Antoine, Physician, Togo.