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The clip of the official song of the Citizen's Campaign for Term Limits has been released
Communiqué  Posté le 14:23 02-11-2022, modifié le 14:23 02-11-2022 par Tournons la Page

The official video clip of the song "Let's Limit Terms (of Office)", composed by Meiway, Didier Awadi and 9 other African artists involved in the Citizen's Campaign for Term Limits, was launched on Tuesday November 1st. This song is a call to all African leaders who persist in staying in power: they must promote democratic change and allow the African youth to build their continent. We invite all actors committed to term limits in Africa and around the world to share this call. 

The Citizens' Campaign for Term Limits is an initiative that aims to promote democracy and raise awareness on the issues of good governance and democratic change on the African continent. The campaign was to be inaugurated at a major pan-African concert on September 17, 2022, at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Dakar, Senegal. Unfortunately, the concert was banned by the prefecture of Dakar. In his decision, the prefect considered that holding the concert "entails risks of public disorder and accidents". 

During this concert, the eleven African artists who are committed to this campaign were to perform a song entitled "Let's limit terms!", a celebration of democracy and good governance. Confronted to censorship, the artists decided to seize the opportunity of being together to shoot a video clip on the island of Gorée. After several months of work, the clip was launched on November 1 on Youtube. 

In this song, the artists paid tribute to the African youth who embodies "the future of the continent". But it is mainly a call to the leaders of the continent to respect the principle of two terms and let the youth build its future in Africa. The song mixes several styles: rap, slam, zoblazo, among others. The song aims to be pan African and is sung in several local languages such as N'zima, Yoruba, Fon, Ewe, Zarma and Hausa. 

Tournons La Page and the partner organizations involved in this campaign are very happy that this project has allowed artists of different nationalities to meet and share on common issues. This is how Meiway (Ivory Coast), Amen Jah Cissé (Togo), Elom 20ce (Togo), Didier Awadi (Senegal), Don Stash (Togo), Léman (Benin), Lyne des mots (Ivory Coast), Momo Kankua (Togo), Nanda (Gabon), Nourrath la Debboslam (Niger) and Papy Kerro (DRC) have decided to make a long-term commitment by creating the "Collective of Pan-African Artists" (CAP)

We call on all actors committed to term limits in Africa and in the world to share this call. 


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Moyra Oblitas, Communication officer at Tournons La Page
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