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Chadian presidential election of May 6, 2024: tensions and calls for transparency
Public statement  Posté le 10:15 13-05-2024, modifié le 10:15 13-05-2024 par Tournons La Page

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On May 6, 2024, on the occasion of the presidential election, the Tournons La Page Chad (TLP-Chad) coalition was present in 5 provinces (Guéra, Logone Oriental, Moyen-Chari, Ouaddaï and the city of N'Djamena).

Tournons La Page Chad deplores the refusal of the Agence nationale de gestion des élections (ANGE) to grant accreditation to a significant number of civil society organizations. These organizations help to ensure that elections are democratic and genuine.

Reminder of the voting day on May 6

On the morning of May 6, in N'Djamena and the provinces observed, most polling stations opened slightly late. Electoral material was generally available. Most polling stations were attended by delegates from certain candidates, a few observers and the press.

Many voters had trouble finding their names on the electoral roll and their polling station. It is therefore essential to revise the electoral roll and carry out a new census.

The number of voters at polling stations was relative in some places. However, we note that a majority of Chadians exercised their right to vote. On the whole, voting took place in a calm atmosphere, but several serious incidents took place, leading to arrests and tragic deaths of Chadian citizens, notably in the town of Abéché, in Moundou and in certain departments of the country.

Polling count

Counting operations began at various times after closing time.

In the provinces of Guéra and Ouaddaï, civil society organizations were prevented in whole or in part from observing the closing and counting operations by the security forces. In the other provinces, they were able to observe that the situation was fairly calm and that candidate representatives were present in every other polling station.

The surprise announcement of results does not allow for transparent verification

While the provisional declaration process was expected to take several days, Tournons La Page Chad is astonished by the sudden acceleration decided by the Agence nationale de gestion des élections (ANGE), in conjunction with the deployment of third-degree defense and security forces in the city of N'Djamena and all the country's provinces. The proclamation of the results was immediately followed by the gunfire heard on the night of May 9-10, 2024 in N'Djamena and the major provincial towns, which resulted in the loss of several families.

Tournons La Page Chad makes a vibrant appeal to the Chadian population and to the leaders of political parties to show calm and discernment at this crucial time, when the nation's higher interest must be the benefit of the Chadian people. Tournons La Page Chad wishes to remind Chad's partners that the Chadian people deserve a transparent, credible and free electoral process that guarantees the respect of their President's choice.

We ask that ANGE make public the results by polling station, to enable all citizens to verify the results in accordance with international best practice.


National Coordinator