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The Gabonese elect their president in their embassy, not in French town halls!

For the first time in its history, Gabon will hold general elections on August 26, 2023, in which the election of the President of the Republic, deputies and local councillors will take place at the same time. Gabonese living outside the country, who have no representatives in the National Assembly or local councils, will vote only in the election of the President of the Republic.

In an information note dated August 22, copied herewith, Gabon's ambassador to France informed the Gabonese community that voting would be held at the "Mairie du 16ème Arrondissement, à l'adresse : 71 Avenue Henri Martin 75016" and the "6ème Arrondissement à l'adresse : 78 Rue Bonaparte de la ville de Paris". Unlike the last elections in 2016, when polling stations were located in embassies and consulates.

Article 75 of the Gabonese Electoral Code, taken from Law no. 004/2023 of May 7, 2023, states that "Voting takes place in the locations determined by the Gabonese administration. However, the Centre Gabonais des Élections may, as the case may be, arrange for the administration to make the necessary adjustments to ensure that they are properly located. Polling stations should preferably be set up in public buildings or buildings of public utility, such as educational establishments, guardhouses in rural areas, but excluding the Presidency of the Republic, ministries, town halls, barracks, health establishments and courthouses. In the event of an election of the President of the Republic, or a referendum, polling stations are opened in all diplomatic and consular representations" (order n°009/PR/2011 of August 11, 2011).

This is so that, as stipulated in articles 104 and 108 of the Gabonese electoral code, the count is carried out publicly in each polling station and, once completed, the results are immediately announced to the public by the president of the polling station. This is hardly feasible in a foreign town hall.

This relocation of voting operations to French town halls is not only against the law, it also appears to be part of a Gabonese government fraud strategy aimed at preventing the public from attending the vote count. These town halls are thus complicit in the violation of Gabonese law and the Gabonese regime's recurrent electoral fiddling.

Thursday, August 24 2023
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