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Constitutional coup in Senegal: democracy and stability at risk
Public statement  Posté le 16:50 06-02-2024, modifié le 16:50 06-02-2024 par Tournons La Page

In recent months, Tournons La Page has witnessed a sharp deterioration in respect for public rights and freedoms in Senegal. This situation has been aggravated by political intolerance and the serious narrowing of civic and democratic space, with unprecedented repression of civil society players and political opponents by President Macky Sall's regime. The most emblematic of these are the imprisonment of Aliou Sané, coordinator of the "Y en a marre" movement, and of opposition politician Ousmane Sonko, who has been banned from standing in the presidential elections.

Macky Sall's unilateral decision to amend the constitution in order to remain in power beyond the mandate entrusted to him by the Senegalese people, the sole sovereign holders of power under the Senegalese constitution, has crossed the Rubicon of a constitutional coup.

The postponement of the presidential election de facto extends his mandate unconstitutionally, depriving the Senegalese people of their right to vote and freely elect their own leaders, in accordance with Senegal's fundamental law and the regional and international instruments duly ratified by the State of Senegal.

Faced with this democratic setback in the conduct of state affairs by the Macky Sall regime, Tournons La Page :

  1. Condemns this constitutional coup d'état, which undermines Senegal's stability and democratic gains, as well as the rights and freedoms of the Senegalese people;
  2. Invites all interested parties to work towards an urgent, sincere and inclusive dialogue to find negotiated and lasting political solutions with a view to finding a peaceful solution to the current crisis;
  3. Urges African leaders, in particular those of ECOWAS, to listen to their populations and to respect national and international texts that define the rules of living together, so that political decisions are those that respond to the major concerns of the population ;
  4. Continues its civic struggle for democratic change in Senegal and elsewhere, and urges President Macky Sall to reverse this politically incoherent decision, which has serious consequences for the future of stability and democracy in Senegal and the region.

Mr. Didier Alexandre Amani
President, Tournons La Page

Photo : ©MONUSCO, Président Macky Sall du Sénégal, 14 octobre 2012, 08:52